A tile roof is one of the popular types in Bonita Springs because it is durable, making it ideal for adverse weather in Florida. This roofing is made of fired clay tiles made using wet clay, ceramic in molds, and baking in kilns at very high temperatures. Each tile is secured to the roof deck by nails. There are various finishes and colors for this tile, but one color remains popular; the traditional terracotta finish characterized by red coloring!

Advantages of tile roofing

  • They are durable – A tile roof can withstand harsh weather like storms and hail stones if appropriately installed by professionals.
  • Longevity– This roof can last for decades, making it a perfect choice for long-term investment in roofing.
  • Fireproof properties– In case of a fire, these tiles are fireproof and have a class A fire rating, making them safer in a house fire.
  • Ease in recycling– These tiles are made from clay, concrete, and ceramic materials that are easy to recycle and reuse in future dates.
  • High-wind resistance – Windy and stormy weather is common in Florida. This roofing is ideal for these areas because they are high-wind resistant.
  • Breathing properties – During installation, there is space between tiles which makes this roofing better ventilated and insulated, providing a cooler environment especially in summer, and a warmer house during winter.
  • Low long-term cost – A tile roof is long-lasting and can stay for 50-100 years, making it a cheaper long-term roofing material.

Disadvantages of Tile roofs

  • Expensive – It is expensive to install and repair tile roofing compared to other types of roofing. This cost can be high for a homeowner.
  • Tiles are heavy – The material used in creating these tiles, like concrete and clay, makes them heavy and might need additional structural reinforcement during installation.
  • Brittle – They can break under the weight of a person installing them.

Waterproofing Treatment

Roof waterproofing is the process where a layer of extra protection is added to a roof for protection from water which may cause leakages and damage to the wall and support components.

In Florida, rainstorms are the order of the day and these storms can become problematic if your roof is not properly waterproofed. Here is why you may need roof waterproofing!

  • Reduces damage to the roof structure
  • Water seeping through your roof can be dangerous for your household. Dampness will result in mold formation, and it can mess with support beams in the long run. In some situations, the roof can collapse from the destruction.
  • Water stains
  • When a roof leaks, there will be water stains on your ceiling and walls, which will be an ugly site and be difficult to remove unless you paint the entire area.
  • Mossy exterior walls
  • The potential of having molds due to water leakages will cause your home to have an old neglected appearance that is not aesthetically appealing.

Waterproofing a tile roof

When it comes to a tile roof, it is necessary to consider waterproofing treatment because the layer of roof tiles is not entirely water impermeable. Water may penetrate through cracks and under adverse weather conditions like rain and wind.

Waterproofing is carried out under the roof tiles by using a particular layer with sealing membranes that have properties that protect the tiles. This layer should be vapor-permeable, resistant, long-lasting, and strong so that not to tear during application.

When considering a tile roof for your project, you must consult and work with experts who will guide you accordingly.

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