Everything You Should Know About Stone Coated Metal Installation

If you’re drawn to the beauty of slate, clay tiles, or shingles, but don’t want to take on the additional cost of each of these types of roofing materials, then a stone-coated metal installation might be a sensible option for your home’s roof refurbishing. One of the most attractive aspects of purchasing a stone-coated metal roof is the aesthetic compared to the cost and durability. While certainly not the cheapest way to re-roof your home, the look of stone tiles in adding to a home’s aesthetics is undeniable. It gives your home a character and sophistication that can rarely be achieved with other types of roofing materials.

Best of all, this sophistication can be achieved at a lower cost than what would be required for stone or clay tile installation. Add to that the durability that is provided by the metal inlay, and you really have an option that can’t be beat when it comes to replacing your roof and adding value to your home.

Pros of stone-coated metal roofing

There are many reasons why stone-coated metal roofing has become all the rage. Here are just a few:

  • Versatility in looks. One of the main reasons customers are attracted to stone coated metal roofing is the curb appeal it adds to their home. Since stone-coated metal roofing comes in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, it’s an easy choice for adding to your home’s value and aesthetics all at once.
  • It looks just like clay or slate. With the advanced technology that goes into making stone-covered metal roofing, you’ll get the look of clay or slate without the cost or the decreased structural integrity that goes along with those roofing choices. Metal is stronger than stone and will maintain its structural integrity for longer.
  • Stone-coated steel roofing requires little maintenance and upkeep, allowing your roof to look new for many years to come.
  • They are a viable alternative to a steel or metal roof and are lightweight, weighing approximately 1.5 pounds per square (versus asphalt weighing approximately 10 pounds per square). This lightweight quality makes it easy to install, especially when you don’t want to have to include additional structural support.
  • Stone-coated steel roofs are durable and made of material that won’t split, warp, curl, or otherwise become unstable like other types of roofing materials. Since it uses an interlocking design, it is highly resistant to the elements even in extreme temperatures.
  • They are also highly wind-resistant, making them a perfect choice for homes in locations with harsh storms or extreme weather patterns.