There are several roofing solutions available in the market if you are shopping around for either a new project or a renovation. While in Bonita spring, our company is well known for its professionalism and expertise in providing roofing solutions to our clients.

Solar Photovoltaic Panel roofing

Solar Photovoltaic Panel systems are made of solar panels, a mounting system, and an inverter with a computerized controller. The panels produce electricity from sunlight that will be used in the household. A Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation is the process of installing solar panels on a roof or other structure in order to convert sunlight into electrical energy.

Vegetative Roof System

A Vegetative Roof System is a roofing system that uses live plants and vegetation to protect the roof from weathering and UV damage. There is a layer of vegetation that is planted over a waterproofing system that will be installed on the roof. This type of roof falls into three categories- extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive depending on the soil and the depth at which the plants will be growing.

Benefits of installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels

  • These solar panels use the sun’s energy to create electricity for your building which is cheaper compared to electricity. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that will also reduce carbon emissions hence preserving the environment.
  • Solar panels are low-maintenance and require very little upkeep which will save you money when compared to the electricity bills.
  • If you install solar panels on your home, you will be providing an ideal alternative to energy supply in case of power outages or emergencies.
  • Solar panels can increase the value of your home if you are looking at selling your property. The availability of these panels will increase your bargaining power and you will be able to get a high rate in the market.

Benefits of A vegetative roof system

  • There is a considerable reduction in energy costs because the green roof provides insulation and cooling effects to the house and structure.
  • There is improved air quality with this roof because this roof traps pollutants and releases oxygen produced by the plants back into the environment.
  • Nature has an aesthetic appeal to the eye making these roofs beautiful to look at. Every homeowner will love a beautiful home and the aesthetic look will add value to your home if you are looking at reselling the property.
  • The vegetable roof is relatively easy to install and can be done on any type of building without many difficulties.
  • Provides a rainwater buffer where the green roof absorbs the rainwater by the water being used by the plants. There is a delay in discharging the rainwater in the sewer system making it be purified and evaporate through the plants. This process helps in the reduction of flooding and overload of the sewage system
  • Reduce the ambient noise outside and inside of the building as it acts as a sound barrier by absorbing sound thus creating a quieter environment.

The choice between the photovoltaic and the vegetable roofing system solely lies with you! Solar panels and vegetative roofs are two great options for home improvement projects that can increase the value of your home. Both have their own unique benefits that can make them the perfect choice for your building. If you’re looking to install solar panels or a vegetative roof, be sure to contact a professional roofing expert who can help you with advice, guidance, and installation.